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I started my career in the call center field. It provided me a steady paycheck with opportunities. Throughout the years it became a routine. I’m not complaining, I received a paycheck, however, my ideas took a back seat to working steady hours in a corporate environment. During the recession my job was eliminated. I was back to square one. Rather than jump right in to searching for a new corporate job, I took the time to explore how I could become my own boss by utilizing my skills, talents and ideas.

It was risky, but I jumped right in. I became a consultant which afforded me the time to start other online businesses, Soon, I was selling through e-commerce. I started my own virtual call center, employing others. Along the way I learned through experience that there were do’s and don’ts in every business model whether off line or online.

If I hadn’t been laid off from my IT job in the hospitality industry, I might not have ever explored how I could capitalize on my skills, talents and ideas. For over a decade, I have used my experience to develop an in-depth Online Business Strategy helping others who were living paycheck to paycheck achieve their goals.

After helping many others realize that their natural skills, talents and ideas could become their wealth stream, I started to realize that I had another innate talent as an Online Business Strategist. As I carefully catalogued all that I learned through establishing my own businesses as well as helping others start theirs, I decided to start George Pitts & Company, an Online Business Strategy Service that is personalized, customized and results driven.

I was soon on the Speaking Circuit, sharing ideas with would be entrepreneurs. As I met with them individually and guided them by establishing a plan, I formalized my ideas for George Pitts & Company. My goal as a Business Strategist is to help people just like you Monetize Everything online, guiding them to fulfill their dreams by formalizing their ideas combined with their skills to create multiple revenue streams that will lead to personal wealth and comfort.

As a Business Strategist, I am experienced in helping new entrepreneurs get started, as well as helping existing entrepreneurs revamp and follow a plan that will lead to success. My experience includes helping others bring new services and products to the online marketplace.

My specialty has evolved into being a one on one business coach. Together I explore, develop and plan a course of action for entrepreneurs to start on the road to their dreams. Using proven planning and targeting strategies we will develop a customized plan that you can follow to take the first steps on your road to financial independence.

I love what I do. I am always excited to meet new clients and focus on their skills and ideas. Everyone is different, everyone is interesting, everyone presents a new challenge. I love to hear new ideas and take on the challenge.

Let’s Meet Today to get the energy flowing and develop a plan specifically for YOU.

Services I offer include:

  • Webinars
  • Self-paced guides
  • E-courses
  • Speaking engagements
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Master classes

As well as individualized business coaching services designed to meet your specific needs.

George Pitts & Company

Over the last ten years I have established several businesses, online and offline, utilizing my experience as an IT Systems Engineer. I realized that my skills, talents and ideas were my biggest asset. I parlayed my skills and started a web design company which has successfully designed hundreds of web sites. I entered the e-commerce market, using the eBay and Amazon platforms where I have sold hundreds of electronic devices along with thousands of electronic accessories. I have worked at home as a Customer Support Agent, turning that into a virtual call center in which I employ stay at home parents who are able to earn a living while maintaining their busy schedules.

Let me help you get on the right track.


Over the course of ten years, I established several businesses, both online and offline, and used my experience as an IT systems engineer to leverage several profitable ventures. I ran a web design company that, to date, has enabled me to build over 100 websites for customers; I dove into the e-commerce sector where I have sold over 200 electronic devices and 1000+ accessories across platforms such as eBay and Amazon; and I started working from home as a customer support agent, eventually starting my own virtual call centre where I have been able to employ stay-at-home parents who can fit work around their busy lives.


I'm a Newbie

You're someone that wants to learn how to make money online but you need help developing a strategy that fits around your skillset.
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Business is just slow

Your someone that already has an established online business but would like to increase sales & revenue streams or totally revamp your product & service offerings to tailor to your new or existing audiences.
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I'm a Nominee, I have a idea

You have an idea in mind about how you can help others and profit from it but just not sure how to start or the best way to connect with your target audience.
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Let me help you get on the right track.

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