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Looking to get started in investing? Ally formerly tradeking is a great platform to get started on. They offer some of the lowest commission rates in the industry at $4.95 per trade. You can also setup a paper trading account to begin trading with fake money in the real market.

GoDaddy is my absolute favorite web hosting platform. They have the best support I have encountered and products for just about anything for your online business. To get started in any business you should have your domain & hosting to build a website. Click the link below to get setup with your domain name and hosting.

Your email list is the heartbeat of your online business. You need to have a way to communicate with your audience off the platforms they may have found you on. Get Response is by far the best option in my opinion for email list building. They offer free classes, and lots of features to help you now only grow your list but keeep it engaged. Sign up today and start building your list

Credit Seasme is a great site to get an idea of your credit score. It works similar to credit karma but gives a different look as it pulls from your Equifax report vs Credit Karma pulls from Transnunion. Although these scores arent your accurate FICO score which counts. It gives you a great idea as to where you are and also tips and insight on what to do to imporve it FREE. Sign up today no gimmics or credit card required to get your score.

Dashline is a great tool I have used for awhile now to keep track of my passwords. When you run an online business with mulitple tools in place you will have alot of different passwords. This tool not only keeps them secure for you but auto enters them when you visit a site so you dont have too. Download Dashline today and prevent I forgot my password issues.


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