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Are you ready To Seriously Pursue Your Business Goals?

Do you have an existing business with your necessary tools (Website, Social Media Pages, etc.) but you are not converting your audience?

It is my pleasure to meet you. I am George Pitts, Founder and CEO of George Pitts & Company. I would be excited to help you reach your goals. As an experienced IT Engineer, I was caught up in the corporate consolidation game. It was then that I decided that I am my own wealth stream. Using my skills, talents, ideas and drive, I dedicated my time and effort into establishing my own companies, both online and offline.

I discovered that I was my biggest asset. Instead of applying for jobs to re-enter the corporate space, I put all my effort into perfecting the tools I needed to reach out and create revenue from my talents. I immersed myself in learning the intricacies of how to be successful in e-commerce, as well as how to market my talents as a consultant. Ten years went by, I became adept at marketing often sharing what I had learned along the way with others.

I now utilize my experience to guide others, teaching them how establish a plan, focus and turn their skills, talents, ideas and visions into viable sources of income and wealth.

If you have an existing business, a consultation service, a web site or even a brick and mortar business, and you are not getting the leads you deserve, I can help you establish the proper plan and put it into action.

I am practiced at targeting businesses to their audience. Together in a one on one consultation, we will discuss your goals. After prioritizing your goals and establishing the steps to reach them, we will devise a 12-month plan that will define your audience, who and where they are, and put in place a marketing strategy that will effectively reach out to them.

Together, we will plan and implement your marketing strategy including properly using your web site and Social Media. Contact me today for an in-depth, comprehensive plan to put your business on the path to conversion.

You’ve worked with a coach before but not getting the results or 1 on 1 time you need to understand the objectives?

I am not your typical Business Strategist. Many who advertise as business coaches have never been in business. I have created businesses. I run businesses. I have gotten my hands dirty in the trenches. Over the past ten years, I have gathered experience in generating income from my ideas, skills, and talents.

I know the fundamentals of establishing objectives, devising and implementing a plan to reach them. Together in a 1 on 1 in depth session, we will discuss and flesh out your objectives as we establish a cohesive plan that will lead you to the road on monetizing your business. I am excited to help every client. I look forward to meeting you and guiding you down the path of business engagement. Contact Me, George Pitts, today and let’s get started on your Business Plan.  

You’ve attended multiple webinars, joined several Facebook Groups, & taken several courses but find yourself with more questions than when you started?

  • My Webinars are concise, data driven, clearly presented and reviewable. Once you register for a webinar you can review it repeatedly. If you have any questions, I am here to help.

    Facebook Groups and other Social Media Networking must precise hit a target, just like your marketing. Joining and taking advice from other online groups may be counterproductive to the business plan we establish. The sure way to put yourself on the path to attaining income from your skills, talents and ideas is to focus.

    As an experienced business owner, I have learned first hand about the pitfalls of Social Media. Used properly, I can teach you how to use Social Media to your advantage, not your disadvantage.

    All the courses and webinars you need to start on the road to success can be found at George Pitts & Company, I personally manage and direct all webinars and courses offered to you.

Maybe you simply are just looking for someone to guide you through the process from Start to Finish & keep you accountable on meeting your objectives?

I am a Business Strategist who is focused on results based on experience. I did not learn the ins and outs of establishing cash flow based on my talents, skills and ideas simply by applying academic algorithms. I am a Business Strategist who will personally guide you to reach your goals based on my experience establishing and maintaining businesses that have freed me from the corporate paycheck.

I am excited to help you. Services I offer:

Start prioritizing your goals. Contact Me Today to get Started on your 1 on 1 Plan.

I am the Right Strategist for You!

1 on 1 coaching
Credit Repair 
Online Business Start-Ups 
Budget & Finance Assessments 
Business Strategy 
Remote & Telecommute Jobs


5 Basic Steps To Sucessful Launch

Step 1: Discovery

What is it that is driving you here

Step 2: Identify

What is your niche & who you are trying to reach

Step 3: Planning

Plan & research your target niche

Step 4: Build

Start putting together the pieces of your business

Step 5: Market

Start marketing your business to your audience

I'm a Newbie

You're someone that wants to learn how to make money online but you need help developing a strategy that fits around your skillset.
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Business is just slow

Your someone that already has an established online business but would like to increase sales & revenue streams or totally revamp your product & service offerings to tailor to your new or existing audiences.
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I'm a Nominee, I have a idea

You have an idea in mind about how you can help others and profit from it but just not sure how to start or the best way to connect with your target audience.
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Let me help you get on the right track.

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